Omnae is the “AirBnb of Custom Manufacturing” and the Hub of Industry 4.0. It is a global sourcing, supply chain and quality management platform allowing start-ups, small businesses and enterprises to build quality products and scalable supply chains while accessing global quality and performance data. By creating collaborative supply chain transparency, Omnae improves global manufacturing quality and ethical trade.

Omnae is a system developed from 30 years of manufacturing and sourcing experience. The technology is based upon a State Engine, Database, Blockchain and Intelligent systems architecture that automates a well-honed, ISO 9001:2015 certified custom manufacturing workflow.


Future Vision

As the hub of Industry 4.0, Omnae will automate and improve the entire manufacturing industry worldwide. By creating a ubiquitous network of quality assured vendors and trusted logistics partners striving for excellence, Omnae will automate every stage of production and logistics into one simple platform that companies of all sizes can utilize. 

Trust, transparency and quality will be the backbones of the manufacturing industry through Omnae's integrated quality, communication and transaction systems. 

Features Include:



The worlds first, blockchain QMS will soon deliver interactive, end-to-end quality management. Track quality analytics in real time at overall, factory, and product levels. Access transparent quality data of the worlds vendors and manage quality issues on platform and help drive continuous improvement of your products and the manufacturing industry as a whole.


Make your products available for wholesale dropshipping on Omnae. Choose your desired markup and the rest is automated. Once activated, wholesale buyers can order your parts directly from the factory with your margin added. No action is required from your end. The parts will be made and shipped, you’ll just get paid.


Automated smart contracts will be used to initiate and execute transactions throughout the system. Integrated accounting and action initiation will streamline transactions and eliminate communication errors while expediting the entire production workflow.


Omnae is continuously developing new features to improve the user experience and level of automation. 


Dan Lionello

Founder & CEO

Dan has over 30 years of diverse business, manufacturing and sourcing experience. Strategic business coach to hundreds of companies. Held several EO board and global leadership positions.

Scott Lionello, BBA

President & Co-Founder

Scott has 7 years of business startup, product development, patenting, supply chain and first party wholesale experience in light manufacturing and as a direct Amazon vendor.

Henry Ma, MCS

Full Stack Developer

Henry is an experienced Full Stack Developer with over 20 years of application development and API integration in  asset tracking, machine control and GPRS communications. Languages: C#, C++, C, Python, jQuery, JavaScript,  jQuery, Angular JS, Shell scripts, SQL, AJAX, HTML5, XML, CSS.

Our Team

Experience, expertise & vision.

Simon Lo, MA, CPIM

Director of Supply Chain

Simon is our supply chain, purchasing, manufacturing and logistics expert. He boasts over 10 years' experience in customer service and production activity control in the semiconductor industry as well as supply chain and procurement in the field of global sourcing.

Kris Lee, BSD

Quality & Sales Engineer

Kris has over 20 years of experience in IT systems, purchasing, sourcing, vendor & quality management, and international & domestic logistics. Kris is based out of Shenzhen, China.

Advisory Board

Warren Rustand

Business Advisor

Warren has created, led and grown many successful private, public and not-for-profit entities. He is the past chairman of the World Presidents and Dean of Learning for the Entrepreneurs Organization. As the former Secretary to President Gerald Ford, his experience is one of vision, strategy and executive leadership.

Karl E. Sigerist, Jr., ICD.D

Business Advisor

Karl has 30+ years of experience building effective teams that achieve rapid transformation and growth at financial services and information technology organizations across North America and Europe including achieving PROFIT 500 for 5 consecutive years and co-founding several successful companies.



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