Building trust and transparency

 in the global supply web.

A networked supply chain management platform.

Source quality vendors, manage workflows and facilitate total upstream visibility. 

Meet CRPn.

New industry, new acronym. Omnae introduces Collaborative Resource Planning Networks (CRPn) - Core functions of SCM, PLM, and QMS packages are made lightweight and brought together in the platform allowing all parties to collaborate on one global supply network.

The Hub of Industry 4.0  


Process Control

 Automates and manages a well-honed workflow for discovering, implementing, and managing outsourced manufacturing solutions, driving recurring revenue. Provides unprecedented visibility into the state/health of user’s supply chains.

Quality Management & Trusted Vendor Sourcing

Uncovers unique insights into the performance/reliability of new and existing trading partners. Creates a network of quality assured vendors and trusted logistics partners striving for excellence.

Simplified Operations and Cost Reduction

Drives a unified mission of continuous improvement in manufacturing around the world reducing internal resource requirements and enabling more effective communications.

The Platform

Developed from 30 years of manufacturing and sourcing experience, Omnae is an integrated platform that controls every stage of outsourced manufacturing and logistics while driving demand for manufacturing excellence worldwide. Omnae's core engine manages the relationships with all outsourced manufacturing vendors using global best practices and an ISO 9001:2015 certified custom manufacturing workflow.

Saas-Based Solution

Designed to be as light weight and easy to implement as possible, allowing companies of all shapes and sizes to on-board quickly and collaborate effectively.

Single Source of Truth

Centralizes documentation, communications, process flow and quality management for all outsourced manufacturing relationships between OEM’s and their related vendors. 

Cost-Effective Enablement

Relative low-cost solution (utilizing subscription and transaction fees based on business need) allows entrepreneurs to enterprises to participate.

Sourcing With Certainty

Creates certainty in the sourcing process by exposing potential new vendor profiles along with their actual performance data (across the entire system) to perspective buyers.

Omnae is the "Github" of Industry 4.0. It is a global sourcing, supply chain and quality management platform allowing start-ups, small businesses and enterprises to build quality products and scalable supply chains while accessing global quality and performance data. By creating collaborative supply chain transparency, Omnae improves global manufacturing quality and ethical trade.

Our mission is to create transparency, collaboration and trust in the Global Supply Web, increasing supply chain certainty, and time to market, while reducing resource requirements and ensuring quality for manufacturers around the world.

The Omnae Solution

By streamlining supply chain management, Omnae enables start-ups, small businesses and enterprises to build quality products and scalable supply chains while accessing real-time global performance data.

Sourcing, supply chain management, and end-to-end quality management all in one solution.

Onboarding, order management, quality management and revision control.



Peace of Mind


Complete transparency of global vendor quality and performance data.

Allows clients to “sleep at night” with access to non-confidential conformance and real-time quality data about current and prospective suppliers.

Future Vision

As the hub of Industry 4.0, Omnae will automate and improve the entire manufacturing industry worldwide. By creating a ubiquitous network of quality assured vendors and trusted logistics partners striving for excellence, Omnae will automate every stage of production and logistics into one simple platform that companies of all sizes can utilize. 

Trust, transparency and quality will be the backbones of the manufacturing industry through Omnae's integrated quality, communication and transaction systems.

Features Will Include:

Blockchain Integrated Quality Management

The worlds first, blockchain QMS will soon deliver interactive, end-to-end quality management. Track quality analytics in real time at overall, factory, and product levels. Access transparent quality data of the worlds vendors and manage quality issues on platform and help drive continuous improvement of your products and the manufacturing industry as a whole.

Factory Direct Wholesale Dropshipping

Make your products available for wholesale dropshipping on Omnae. Choose your desired markup and the rest is automated. Once activated, wholesale buyers can order your parts directly from the factory with your margin added. No action is required from your end. The parts will be made and shipped, you’ll just get paid.

Smart Contract Transactions

Automated smart contracts will be used to initiate and execute transactions throughout the system. Integrated accounting and action initiation will streamline transactions and eliminate communication errors while expediting the entire production workflow.

And More...

Omnae is continuously developing new features to improve the user experience and level of automation. 

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